Huntington Beach is an affluent town in California that is known for its world-class surfing, iconic fishing locales, stunning beaches, and worldly cuisine. It is an ocean-side destination that is completed by a myriad of iconic landmarks. Homes in Huntington Beach are currently projected to rise by about 2% in value, according to Zillow’s data. The area is currently categorized as a sellers’ market, meaning that as a homeowner looking to sell you may want to consider going the extra mile to help your house stand out to prospective buyers. If you are considering selling your Huntington Beach home, here are three crucial things you should be doing before you list your home for sale.


Find a Truly Great Listing Agent

The very first thing you should be doing is searching for a truly outstanding listing agent to work with as you sell your home. It is never too early to begin seeking one of the best performing realtors® in Huntington Beach to work with you to prepare your home for sale. This person will be your partner through the process of selling, meaning they should also be providing you with their expert advice on what updates or modifications to complete prior to listing your home. If finding a real estate agent feels overwhelming, you can utilize Effective Agents’ custom algorithm to find a realtor® in Huntington Beach that fits your specific needs. You simply enter the criteria for your home and any other preferences you may have and the website provides you with a custom list of the area’s top realtors® that are best suited to do an excellent job working to sell your home.


Welcome Guests

When guests walk up to the front door of your home, they should be able to instantly envision themselves coming home after a long day at work and opening the door to their own home. Make your front entrance as welcoming as possible before you begin inviting buyers. Repaint your front door to get that brand-new look. Clear all the debris, clutter and encroaching plants from the walkway. Invest in a top-of-the-line doormat and a high-end lighting fixture. Make sure your doorbell is working, your door handle is in impeccable shape and there is no chipping paint. Invest in hiring a professional landscaper to make sure your lawn is perfectly manicured. Plant some fresh flowers and add potted perennials while you’re at it to really create a homey look and to draw eyes from the street. You should be spending a good deal of time making sure your entryway is perfectly polished.


Host an Open House Run-Through

One of the biggest benefits you can give yourself is to host a run-through open house with family, friends, and neighbors. Invite them over for light hors d’ oeuvres and ask them to walk through your house and critique it the way a prospective buyer would. Ask them to note what they like and what can be fixed or upgraded. They say it never hurts to have a pair of fresh eyes. What could help you sell your house more than dozens of fresh eyes giving you their unbiased opinion?


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Photo courtesy of Pixabay